"A woman alone is strong, but united women are pure power and can truly change the world".
From this sentence the new Art dealer was born.

Art Dealer is a contemporary brand created in 2016 by designer Carolina Cerutti.
With 100% Made in Italy designs, this was the desire, to create a different image from what was already present in the market: timeless garments that focus on quality and exclusivity at the most accessible price possible, to remain forever in your wardrobe!

"Buy less, choose well, buy better"

What makes the brand recognizable and unique are its iconic silks with retro prints, vintage details and pastel colors.

Art dealer mission is to bring daily happiness to our customers and let them show the world their diversity and true colors.



Since the beginning, Art Dealer approaches the customer using social platforms like Instagram, handling everything in house.
Our approach immediately attracted great interest creating a global community.

Today, Art Dealer is a contemporary brand with the desire to remain a small reality but present in key markets to reach women all around the world.