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Art dealer is building a new chapter towards a more responsible future that looks out for our planet.
Below a sneak peek of what we are currently doing and the next steps of our evolution.
Made in Italy

From the fabric thread to the final item, everything is designed and created in Italy by our reliable and trusty Italian manufacturers based in the Bergamo province. Our iconic silks are all Made in Como, a famous and historical city for the production of silk.

Best working condition

Both in Art dealer and for all our manufacturers and suppliers, we care about our people.

Regular job contracts
Good salaries
The best condition for all the working mums
Flexible schedules
Work safety
Absolutely NO child or forced labour

Slow Fashion: Quality over Quantity

Everyday we choose to produce less quantities to give our products the value they deserve and to try to decrease compulsive and mass shopping.

Integrated supply chain

Producing everything in Italy, both fabrics and garments, helps the goods to travel very little. The only real journey they make is towards the final customer, therefore we produce practically zero carbon emission.

Dyeing procedure

Our manufacturers follow strict procedures to pollute the least possible and use less water in order to protect our planet.

All the chemicals used are absolutely not toxic neither for those who work them, nor for those who wear them:
Respect for the principles of quality, environment, health and safety, sustainability and social responsibility in the production process;

Technological and ecotoxicological properties in the textile product;

Eco-toxicological properties on the chemical/dye


Ecological and reusable Packaging

We are working with the hope of being able to launch in 2020 

Recycled and sustainable fabrics from SS21 

We will be working with ecological fabrics that have a low impact on our planet